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Last updated: page content on 05/13/2010, download contents on 04/15/2010

Please note: all utilities/tools on this page come compiled only. They all are written with Visual Basic 6 and so all depend on the VB6 runtimes (which should be included with modern Windows systems). Other dependencies (if any) are noted with each utility.

None of the utilities needs to be installed. It is sufficient to unpack them from their ZIP-archive, copy them to any desired place and start them from there. No changes to your system are done!

To get rid of an utility simply delete it.

ColorSelector - get your colors quick

ColorSelector - get your colors quick
VB6 application

With the ColorSelector tool you can select or pick or enter colors in 5 different ways:

After a color has been selected, its color value is shown in RGB and HSV color model representation. The color itself is shown in the upper rectangle.

Additionally from the selected color (the base color) other colors are derived:

The color values of the derived colors and the base color are displayed in the lower half. The derived colors themselves are shown in the lower rectangle: the background of the lower rectangle has the base color. The upper one of the enclosed rectangles has the dimmed color as background, the lower one has the contrast color as background.

The color values of all colors (including the name of the base color, if available) and their grey values may be copied to the clipboard by pressing the "Copy" button. The method to be used for calculating the grey values can be selected from the checkbox: methods following the ITU or the CIE standard are available.

The archive contains a file "UserDefinedColors.txt". Please copy this file in the same directory the tool is in. In this file the user can define color name/value pairs. The color selector utility loads this file on program start and makes the colors in this file available for selection in the dropdown box of the predefined colors. They get the prefix "USER_" prepended.

Dependencies: uses some Windows APis, which should be present on all 32 Bit Windows systems (WIN 2K and above).

Download ColorSelector (version 1.1 from 4/15/2010)